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Benefits of the project


This project has three benefits:

- Publishing a list of non-profit institutions, with qualifying scholarly materials made available by them for free online viewing, enables other organizations considering similar projects both the benefit of examining various methods of presentation and discovering future contacts. Subsequent inquiries to organizations that have published materials may lead to cost/benefit analysis and production of further online publications.
- The survey enables Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) to place deep links to newly found online texts in catalogues for the benefit of scholars, educators and students worldwide.
- TFAO will gain further insight into trends of online publishing of exhibition catalogues, brochures, gallery room guides and related materials. Analysis will provide guidance on future emphasis to be placed towards online publishing of texts covering selected topics and by certain authors in TFAO's Resource Library. See the acquisition and deselection of content page in the TFAO Free Online Digital Library section for related information.


(above: Mint Museum UPTOWN, May, 2015. Photo © John Hazeltine)

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About Resource Library:

Resource Library is a free online publication of nonprofit Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO). Since 1997, Resource Library and its predecessor Resource Library Magazine have cumulatively published online 1,300+ articles and essays written by hundreds of identified authors, thousands of other texts not attributable to named authors, plus 22,500+ images, all providing educational and informational content related to American representational art. Texts and related images are provided almost exclusively by nonprofit art museum, gallery and art center sources.

All published materials provide educational and informational content to students, scholars, teachers and others. Most published materials relate to exhibitions. Materials may include whole exhibition gallery guides, brochures or catalogues or texts from them, perviously published magazine or journal articles, wall panels and object labels, audio tour scripts, play scripts, interviews, blogs, checklists and news releases, plus related images.

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(left: JP Hazeltine, founding editor, Resource Library)


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