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America's Wilderness in Art, monograph by Marlene R. Miller and Warren P. Miller (11/12/02)

Maine in America: Two Hundred Years of American Art (11/12/02)

Mastering the Medium: American Watercolors from the Museum's Collection, 1870-1970 (10/29/02)

Celebrating America: Masterworks from Texas Collections (10/14/02)

An Endless Panorama of Beauty: Selections from the Jean and Alvin Snowiss Collection of American Art (10/9/02)

A Painter from Port Jefferson: Works by William Moore Davis (9/23/02)

American Watercolors from the Permanent Collection (8/28/02)

Routes toward Modernism: American Painting 1870 - 1950 (8/22/02)

Mountain, Family, Spirit: The Arts and Culture of the Ute Indians (8/19/02)

Masters of the American Watercolor and South Carolina Watercolor Society 25th Annual Exhibition (6/18/02)

Under the Skin: Reconsidering Cecilia Beaux and John Singer Sargent; essay by Sarah Burns (6/14/02)

American Impressionism in Context (6/13/02)

"The Greatest Woman Painter": Cecilia Beaux, Mary Cassatt, and Issues of Female Fame; essay by Nancy Mowll Mathews (5/30/02)

"The Delicious Character of Youth": Harold and Mildred Colton; essay by Sylvia Yount (5/28/02)

"Intricacies and Interdependencies": Cecilia Beaux and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; essay by Jeanette M. Toohey (5/24/02)

Between the Covers: An Artist Looks at the Sketchbooks of Cecilia Beaux; essay by Barbara Katus (5/22/02)

American Impressionism: Paintings of Promise; essay by David R. Brigham (5/16/02)

Cecilia Beaux: The Oil Sketch and Representationist Thought in the Philadelphia School of Painting; essay by Patrick Connors (5/14/02)

Early Artists of the Bohemian Club: San Francisco as the Center of West Coast Art (5/13/02)

(Philadelphia) Central High School Alumni Exhibition (4/17/02)

Pen, Pencil, and Brush: American Drawings and Watercolors, 1850-1950 (2/13/02)


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