2023 Museum Exhibition Co-sponsorships


(above: Lee Blair (1911-1993), Mary by the Sea, 1934, Oil on canvas, 34"x 48." The Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University. Gift of the Hilbert Collection)


Onsite and/or virtual exhibitions



Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) is interested in co-sponsorship grants to museums and cultural centers planning American representational art special/temporary exhibitions, either web-based and/or in-person, featuring artworks based on TFAO's topics.


Orange and San Diego Counties, CA

TFAO is also interested in co-sponsorship grants to select county museums and cultural centers planning American representational art special/temporary exhibitions, either web-based and/or in-person, featuring featuring local artworks based on TFAO's topics. Of special interest are intra-county collaborative and touring exhibits.


For all above exhibitions

For the above exhibitions, we favor grants to museums and cultural centers whose policy is to post and archive details of future, current and past exhibitions in the exhibitions section of their websites. Details may include images, recordings of curator interviews and lectures, artist and curator biographies, virtual tours, teacher guides, press releases, media coverage, wall texts, enhanced object labels, illustrated checklists, online brochures and catalogues or gallery guides in flip book format. If an institution has not yet added enriched information about an exhibition at the time of its posting of an upcoming exhibit, yet is committed to add such material when the future exhibition becomes current and retains it when the exhibition is transferred to the past exhibitions section of its website, we will take that into consideration.

We encourage museums and cultural centers to make online catalogs available to the public without charge, while paper printed copies remain monetized, one reason being that "coffee table" catalogs appeal to an audience largely separate from viewers of online versions: mainly students and teachers. Our Survey of Online Exhibition Catalogues, Brochures, Gallery Guides and Related Materials contains examples freely available to the public. These museums and cultural centers decided that freely available online brochures and catalogs - optionally locked out for download or content copying - broadly serve the global public, aren't materially detrimental to their net operating income and serve to further their mission statement education component.

We require that all online information posted concerning an exhibition will be at all times available to the public without charge.

Examples of exhibitions with physical and/or online elements co-sponsored by TFAO in 2022 are A Fanciful World: Jessie Arms Botke and Striking Figures: Francis De Erdely

Please see directions for letters of inquiry and further steps leading to project funding. Also see TFAO strategy and preferences.


Outdoor building wall vinyl wraps


TFAO seeks to co-sponsor long-term, one-off or multiple location, murals placed on museum, arts center, public and commercial outdoor building walls. The content will be images of American representational paintings from the permanent collection based on TFAO's topics.

A California-based supplier, CR+a | custom, says: 

"Commercial building wraps are made with durability in mind. Commonly made from vinyl, it's standard practice to use UV-resistant inks so the pictures don't fade. What's more, most building wraps are fire-resistant and weatherproof... building wraps add another layer of insulation to a building space. They can help to reduce airflow while in place, which can improve the energy efficiency of the building upon which they're applied. In turn, this can help to reduce energy use." 

For reference, see their brief video showing installation of a vinyl wrap on Palos Verdes Fine Art Center exterior walls.

Please consider in grant applications:

- including artwork from the collection not currently on display indoors

- amount of years for image display and installation timing

- expert estimate of years before the vinyl material from which the wrap is made will materially deteriorate due to weather and solar radiation factors

- sign ordinance by local jurisdiction

and include usual information such as choice of image(s), size, visualization of placement, category and total project cost, etc.


Outdoor evening exhibitions


In 2022 we created a successful challenge grant opportunity for UCI Jack and Shanaz Langson Institute and Museum of California Art towards production of an evening outdoor exhibit named Plein Air en Plein Air. The content of the multi-year evening exhibit will be artworks from the Irvine collection of California impressionist art. Projection will be on one or more exterior walls of campus buildings. LIMCA's Monthly Muse says: "Plein Air en Plein Air is a site-specific installation conceived by artist Jesse Colin Jackson, professor and associate dean of research and innovation at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. This work projection maps digital images of select plein air artworks (made outdoors) from LIMCA's collection onto buildings throughout UCI's campus. Digital technology allows us to bring the art to you, the university's 30,000+ students, 25,000+ faculty and staff, plus countless alumni and other visitors."

We encourage museums and cultural centers to consider evening outdoor projection of American representational art exhibitions via loop videos on exterior walls of structures. In locations with evening high pedestrian traffic such as campus buildings, downtown streets, shopping centers and stand-alone buildings, an opportunity exists to both engage new audiences with curated exhibitions and generate further institutional awareness. Acceptable topic content is the same as for onsite exhibitions.

Please consider in grant applications:

- correlation with temporary or permanent exhibitions currently on display in the galleries, or artworks from the collection not on display

- image set cycles per available evening, total time per cycle, number of art images and didactic/informational elements per cycle

- city ordinances

- respect for sight lines of other publics

- subjectivity of suitable reflective luminance (brightness)

- for flat wall surfaces, effects of surface gain, ambient light, image square footage, keystone correction and wall color on luminance

- security of equipment

- availability of adequate electric power

- vehicle traffic distraction and animal disorientation

and include usual information such as choice of image(s), size, visualization of placement, category and total project cost, etc.

Projection mapping technology may also be considered where a wall surface is uneven.

Please see directions for letters of inquiry and further steps leading to project funding. Also see TFAO strategy and preferences.


(above: Charles Reiffel, Summer Session at Ballast Point, San Diego, 1930, Vallejo Gallery. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


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