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1. Publication of references to Resource Library articles (excluding essays) by named authors

This will be a sister project to the first Online Encyclopedia American Art References Project.

a. Create a draft email for each major topic. There will be many drafts.
b. Go through Distinguished Artists (DAS) in artist alphabetical order to find images to allocate to each topic. Put only the credit line for each image in the appropriate topic draft.
c. After going through the entire set of DAS images achieved by going through each artist page in alphabetical order, fill up each draft email by individual topic.
d. After each major topic draft is filled with all available DAS images credit lines, go to the topics surveyed in this project and add additional images to each set of years for RL articles and essays. Replace duplicate images for years sets that were used to add pictorial content to a group of years. Each set of years will have up to six images. As an example, for the topic  Mid-Atlantic Art: 20-21st Century Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Painting (for years 1997-2000 includes Southeast and Southern American Paintings). Articles and essays, there are 10 sets of years so there can be 60 images in total chosen from the email created for the related topic. For Eastern Art: 20-21st Century Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Painting, it is the same above topic.
e. If there are more than 60 images available for the above  topic's ten set of years, add a link to a new set of image pages for the excess images over 60 placed images. The link will say: additional images located in DAS pages. There will be  sux images per set.
For  instance:
Image set 1
Image set 2
Image set 3
until all of the images for the topic are exhausted.

Each of these listed image sets will be placed on each set of years as a footnote to the appropriate years page; by doing this, viewers will have access to all adis project will spread images for each DAS artist into appropriate topics pages.


2. Article and essay editing

For each article or essay within a major topic, edit it. Changes will be:

a. Add logo at top of page.
b. Turn the header into a footnote to benefit google searches.
c. Remove all dead links. 
d. Add the title and it's link to the block of appropriate additional images. A block of sets may be titled:  Additional images for the topic (name topic pages such as 18th / 19th century (topic title) followed by the image sets for the topic 
e. Also place links to blocks to all other eras in the topic so that all blocks for the main topic are listed. 

3. Publication by The Art Story of references to Resource Library artist biographies by named authors.

The Art Story says: "Though our content is written and edited by art historians with Doctorate degrees, our primary audience is the general public. With our work, we hope to connect a much broader audience beyond the academy to the richness and depth of art history. While we summarize and analyze movements and artists, we do not use scholarly citations so as to simplify the reading experience, although all of our essays are checked for facts and content. For those looking for more academic sources, each of our pages has a "Further Resources" section to point the reader to both popular and more traditionally academic essays, articles, videos, and books." Resource Library provides a plethora of references to online articles, essays, videos and audio - plus references to thousands of paper-printed books and articles -  concerning over 200 topics and over 3,000 deceased artists. It's over 1,300 published essays are penned by noted experts in their fields.  We believe that the public will be well served by The Art Story publishing these references.


4. TFAO Virtual Gallery of Early California Impressionist Art.

This gallery would exist in the cloud, a collection of images gathered from Wikimedia Commons. Perhaps some day a terrestrial one will be built. Cloud room one, etc. each including five initial images so there is room to add more images for newly discovered artists. Alphabetical order. List all rooms on each page.


5. Reorganizing topics pages

American 20th-21st Century Still Life Painting
All years
20th-21st Century American Sculpture
All years
American 19-20th Century Representational Art
All years need images
2007-2016 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "American 19-20th Century Representational Art
Needs fixing of number link
American 18-19th Century Representational Art
All years need images
American Southern States: 19th-21st Century Paintings
Need to add images to all years because one image is repeated
19th-21st Century Rocky Mountain and Southwest Paintings and Sculpture
All years need reorganizing including images
American Scene Painting and Regionalism
All years need reorganizing including images
Realism in American Art and American Realist Artists
All years need reorganizing including images
American 20th-21st Century Genre / Scene Art
2006-2008 deleted on page in error
Native American Art
All years need reorganizing including images
American Scene Painting and Regionalism
All years need reorganizing including images
Modernism in American Art and American Modernist Artists
Years need chronological line fixed
American Art Prints and Printmaking
All years need reorganizing including images
American Ceramic Tile Art and American Pottery
Need to add images to all years because one image is repeated
Northwest Art: 19th-21st Century
All years need reorganizing including images
Drawings in American Art
All years need reorganizing including images
American Artists Abroad and Expatriate Artists
All years need reorganizing including images


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(above: Joseph Kleitsch (1882-1931), Madonna of the apples,1927, oil on canvas, 27.9 x 36.2 in. Source: Bonhams. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


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(above: Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953), Fireside, c. 1900, oil on canvas, on loan to the San Diego Museum of Art. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


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