Desert Caballeros Western Museum

photos by John Hazeltine

Wickenburg, AZ



Arizona Highways: Celebrating the Legacy -- "Our Land, Our People"

January 29 - April 16, 2000


The year 2000 marks the 75th Anniversary of Arizona Highways. To celebrate this important milestone, the magazine has teamed up with Desert Caballeros Western Museum to create a panoramic exhibition of the magazine's best contemporary photography.(left: Jack Dykinga, Sonoran Sunset, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge)

Titled "Our Land, Our People," this blockbuster exhibition will feature 75 photo enlargements -- some as large as 4x8 feet -- that will surround and envelop you in the majestic landscapes, ancient cultures, and fascinating people that make Arizona unique in the world. You won't just see the sites, you'll experience them through the eyes of the world's best photographers.

Few magazines can compare with Arizona Highways.. A name synonymous with breathtaking landscape photography, Arizona Highways created a new standard for the travel industry. Their tradition was established many years ago when editor Raymond Carlson decided to feature color photos in his modest travel publication. Photographers like Joseph Muench, Ray Manley, Esther Henderson, Ansel Adams, and many others led the charge. The magazine's editorial support of these photographers and their work created, almost from whole cloth, a genre of photography whose vision of the life and landscape of Arizona remains vibrant and alive today. (left: Jerry Jacka, Hopi Maiden's Whorls, Traditional Hopi Indian Hairstyle)


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