Desert Caballeros Western Museum

photos by John Hazeltine

Wickenburg, AZ



Imageworks: Photography of the Southwest


Desert Caballeros Western Museum is pleased to announce the premier opening of "Imageworks: Photography of the Southwest" June 24, through September 10, 2000. Utilizing large-format photography, "Imageworks" is known for fresh aesthetic insights and technical virtuosity. For this exhibition, members have created new photographs of secluded deserts, rural hideaways, and the people that give our Southwest its unique character.

"Imageworks" consists of 20 photographers who came together for the love of photography. The members are active in or retired from, "day jobs" as corporate managers, computer programmers, engineers, doctors, dentists or business owners. Members photograph for many reasons. For most it is an escape from the pressures of the business world, some love the technical aspects and the craftsmanship of producing a fine print. Others relish the search for a remote, uninhabited area and capturing its image on film, but every member of the group is committed to producing photographic art in the classical manner. They may use modem techniques such as digitally-produced prints, but the original images are captured using a camera that owes little to modern technology - essentially the instrument used by Ansel Adams, Alfred Steiglitz and other masters of photography in the twentieth century and earlier. In the spirit of these great masters there are no political or social messages, no inclination toward shock value or commercialization, just beautiful, exciting and fresh images produced with talent, sensitivity and artistry. (left: Roger E. Palmenberg, Man with Turkey)

In conjunction with the opening of "Imageworks: Photography of the Southwest" Marilyn Ticknor will demonstrate the technique of photographic hand-coloring. The desire to introduce color to photographic images dates back to the invention of the camera. To answer this demand, many photographers developed the art form of tinting or hand-coloring black-and-white images. The demonstration will take place at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum from 2:00 PM to 5:00 on June 24, 2000.

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