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Beyond Ethnic Stereotypes: Contemporary Chinese American Artists


Ohio University's Kennedy Museum of Art will have on display from August 19 through October 8, 2000, "Beyond Ethnic Stereotypes: Contemporary Chinese American Artists." The exhibition was organized by the Alpha Contemporary Artist Association of New York (ACAA).

The six artists represented in the exhibition present not only diverse media: paintings, mixed media, digital iris prints, and a digital on-line project; but a wide range of content. The artist's exhibition proposal states that the exhibition's goal is "to cover a broad spectrum of visual languages and concepts so that we as contemporary Chinese artists can do our part in bring into focus the numerous facets of our work rather than a singular preconception or stereotype of 'ethnic art'." They point out that many artists of European descent are not expected to represent their individual cultures in their art but minority artists including those of Asian, Hispanic, African or Indigenous American descent are often expected to represent the traditional art of their cultures. And they point out that this is a form of "polite and passive discrimination." (left: C. J. Yeh, Eternity, oil on canvas)

The exhibiting artists break down these stereotypes with a contemporary view of their worlds -- some of the art is pointedly political in nature; some of this provocative art is concerned with feminist issues, contemporary icons are examined in some, and perceptions are the subject of others -- perceptions of culture -- how perceptions are influenced and changed based on perspective, and the influence on these artists of a mixing of cultures that creates something new. (left: Bovey Lee, from Body Garden Series, iris print)

This exhibition is supported in part by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council. Also on view is the Education Gallery, featuring selections from the Southwest Native American Collection, and the exhibit "Woven Vessels: Chauncey Elementary Fifth Grade," both of which are supported in part by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

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