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Midwest Watercolor Society 27th Annual Transparent Watercolor Exhibition
June 21 - July 13, 2003


Modern society seems to be obsessed with the newest, the latest, the hippest, and the hottest; the old tried and true ways are often derided and shunned. Every once in a while an individual or a group decides that there is value and integrity in the old ways and they maintain them, champion them, and proclaim their longevity and value. The Midwest Watercolor Society is one such group. Feeling that there are many watercolor exhibitions and water-based media out there in the art world they seek "to advance the stature and foster appreciation of transparent watercolor as a major expression.." MWS was founded in 1975, and its membership of almost 900 artists from all over the United States and Canada is unified by a shared passion for transparent watercolor.

The MWS is staunchly proud of its adherence to tradition. Pure transparent watercolor, as favored by the Society, is traditionally held to be an English method: taking ground up color mixed with water-soluble gums (such as gum arabic), which when moistened with water produces a transparent stain or wash on white or tinted paper. The white of the paper is used as the lightest highlight. This purist approach is proudly maintained in the face of ever-more sophisticated art techniques. As techniques, styles, and subjects evolve, the Midwest Watercolor Society holds firm in its adherence to tradition, thus maintaining a balance between the old and the new.

Although the exhibition's organizing body is the Midwest Watercolor Society, artists from twenty different states -- from California to New York, and from North Dakota to Texas -- are represented. The juror this year was John Salminen from Duluth, MN, who chose 60 works from a submission of 928 by 150 artists. A watercolorist himself, John was well qualified to undertake the arduous task of selecting this year's show, being a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, The Watercolor USA Honor Society, Watercolor West, and, of course, the Midwest Watercolor Society.


Midwest Watercolor Society Exhibition Sneak Peek Friday -- Friday, June 6 at 10:30 a.m.

If you just can't wait to see and learn about the Midwest Watercolor Society exhibition on the 21st, Sneak Peek Friday is for you! Assistant Director Graeme Reid will lead an informal discussion on the exhibition and artists. Specifically designed to educate, inform, and entertain, Sneak Peek Fridays are free and open to everyone and are an easy, casual way to visit the museum and learn about current and upcoming programs.

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