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(above: Thomas Moran, Grand Canyon with Rainbow. 1912. Oil on canvas. de Young Art Museum. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gill through the Patrons of Art and Music. 1981.89. License: Scuttlebutte, CC BY-SA 4.0 Scuttlebutte, CC BY-SA 4.0. via Wikimedia Commons*)


Daniel Aaron

"The Great American Thing: Modern Art and National Identity, 1915-1935," book review by Daniel Aaron. Art Bulletin, March, 2003 (link unavailable as of June, 2010)


Kathryn J. Abajian

"The Paintings of Ella Peacock" American Art Review May-June 2005 (Volume XVII, Number 3)


Lynette Abel

Sargent's "Madame X"; or, Assertion and Retreat in Woman; essay by Lynette Abel (7/1/02)


Ann Uhry Abrams

"Visions of Columbus: The 'Discovery' Legend in Antebellum American Paintings and Prints" American Art Journal (vol. 25, nos. 1 and 2; 1993)


Rolf Achilles

Konrad Juestel: Painter, Craftsman, essay by Rolf Achilles (11/4/02)


Clifford S. Ackley

View From Above: The Photographs of Bradford Washburn; essay by Clifford S. Ackley (3/4/00)


Everl Adair

A Tincture of Madness: Zelda Fitzgerald and Modernist Art; essay by Everl Adair (2/28/05)


Celeste Adams

Unending Frontier: Art of the West, with Foreward by Celeste Adams (7/16/00)


Christy Adams

"American Art 1900-1940, A History Reconsidered" American Art Review October-November 94 (status)


Elaine Adams

"Carl Rungius: Artist, Sportsman" American Art Review May-June 2003 (Volume XV, Number 3) (status) NI


Henry Adams

"The Stained Glass of John La Farge" American Art Review July-August 1975 (Volume II, Number 4) (status)

"The Development of William Morris Hunt's The Flight of Night " American Art Journal ( vol. 15, no. 2; 1983)

"William James, Henry James, John La Farge and the Foundations of Radical Empiricism" American Art Journal
( vol. 17, no. 1; 1985)

"Arvin Gottlieb Collection Paintings from the American Southwest" American Art Review Winter 94 (status)

"Thomas King Baker, His Secret Life" American Art Review March-April 97 (status)

The Paintings of Charles Burchfield (9/16/97)

Intimate Expressions: Two Centuries of American Drawings (6/15/00)

Paul Travis (1891-1975): A Retrospective (11/14/01)

Thomas Hart Benton, by Marianne Berardi (4/30/01)

"Paul Travis (1891-1975)" American Art Review January-February 2002 (Volume XIV, Number 1) (status)

"Vincent Campanella: Classical Abstractionist" American Art Review September-October 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 5)

Three Generation of Moralists; essay By Henry Adams (8/6/09)

"Out of the Kokoon: Cleveland's Festival of Art & Dance" American Art Review September-October 2011 (Volume XXIII, Number 5)

The Secret Life of Thomas King Baker, 1911-1972; essay By Henry Adams (2/7/12)

Henry Adams and Margaret Stenz

"American Drawings and Watercolors" American Art Review Summer 92 (status)


Karen M. Adams

"The Black Image in the Paintings of William Sidney Mount" American Art Journal (vol. 7, no. 2; 1975)


Glenn Adamson

Enfant Terrible: The Work of Michael Brolly; essay by Glenn Adamson (7/15/02)


Fred B. Adelson

"Alvan Fisher in Maine: His Early Coastal Scenes" American Art Journal (vol. 18, no. 3; 1986)

"The Paintings of Alvan Fisher" American Art Review July-August 2001 (Volume XIII, Number 4) (status) NI

"Seeking the Realization of a Dream": The Paintings of Alvan Fisher; "Alvan Fisher," an essay by Fred B. Adelson (8/23/01)


Warren Adelson

Magazine Antiques Childe Hassam and the French impressionists, Nov, 1999 by Warren Adelson [Link found expired as of 11/7/11 audit. Source may contain this content via a revised URL. We are saving this citation for your reference]


Maureen Ahern & Pam Russell

"The Life & TImes of the Dublin Art Colony" American Art Review, March-April 2008 (Volume XX, Number 2)


Kent Ahrens

"Pioneer Abroad, Henry R. Newman (1843­1917): Watercolorist and Friend of Ruskin" American Art Journal ( vol. 8, no. 2; 1976)

"The Portraits by Robert W. Weir" American Art Journal ( vol. 6, no. 1; 1974)

"Cyrus E. Dallin, American Sculptor" American Art Review August-September 95 (status) NI

Roger Cushing Aikin

"Henrietta Shore and Edward Weston" American Art (Vol. 6, No. 1; Winter 1992)

"Paintings of Manifest Destiny: Mapping the Nation" American Art (Vol. 14, No. 3; Fall 2000)


Charleen Akullian and Tara Leigh Tappert

"Cecilia Beaux and the Art of Portraiture" American Art Review October-November 95 (status)

Out of the Background: Cecilia Beaux and the Art of Portraiture; essay by Tara Leigh Tappert (9/25/09)


Marcin Aleturowicz

Persistent Memories: African American Art From the University of Arizona Museum of Art Collection; article by Marcin Aleturowicz (2/28/05)


Pamella Allara

"'Mater' of Fact: Alice Neel's Pregnant Nudes" American Art (Vol. 8, No. 2; Spring 1994)


Brian T. Allen

"Eastman Johnson's Maple Sugar Paintings" American Art Review March-April 2004 (Volume XVI, Number 2) (status) NI

"Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute" American Art Review May-June 2004 (Volume XVI, Number 3) (status) NI

"A Fresh Look at Winslow Homer" American Art Review September-October 2004 (Volume XVI, Number 5) (status) NI


Ginny Allen & Greg Nelson

"Melville Wire: Oregon Impressionist" American Art Review March-April 2005 (Volume XVII, Number 2) NI


Laura Graves Allen

Contemporary Hopi Pottery ,"Hopi Pottery, The Historic Period" and "The Hopi Craftsman Exhibition" (pages 13 through 90) (status)


Rachel Allen

"The Marathoner's Refrain: From the Peter A. Juley & Son Collection" American Art (Vol. 10, No. 3; Fall 1996)


Lawrence Alloway

Roy Lichtenstein, By Lawrence Alloway, Published 1987, ISBN: 978-0-89659-331-2. (online book excerpt available from Abbeville Press) (right: catalogue front cover courtesy Abbeville Press)


Mikhail Alpatov

"The State of Art History: 'The Mountains of Information Grow'" American Art Journal ( vol. 3, no. 1; 1971)


Jim Alterman

"Pennsylvania Impressionists and Modernists" American Art Review September-October 2001 (Volume XIII, Number 5) (status) NI


Desirée Alvarez

The Dispassionate Body: Philip Pearlstein, Paintings and Drawings of Figures in Still Life; with essay titled "The Model as Painter and Painted" by Desirée Alvarez (10/2/06)


Kenneth L. Ames

Magazine Antiques "Colonial imagery on Christmas card", Dec, 2000 by Kenneth L. Ames [Link found expired as of 11/7/11 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for your reference]


Chet Amyx and Sandy Hunter

Leon Amyx: Painter of the Salinas Valley; Biography by Chet Amyx and Sandy Hunter, Catalogue Introduction by Susan M. Anderson (5/23/05)

Jeffrey W. Andersen

"Charles & Mary Ebert, Color, Light & Atmosphere" American Art Review September-October 96 (status)

Special Issue The Connecticut Impressionist Trail: Florence Griswold Museum - American Art Review May-June 97 (status)

"The American Artist in Connecticut" American Art Review July-August 2002 (Volume XIV, Number 4) (status) NI

The American Artist in Connecticut: The Legacy of the Hartford Steam Boiler ..., by Jeffrey W. Andersen, Hildegard Cummings, 2002. "Published on the occasion of the exhibition ... at the Florence Griswold Museum from July 2, 2002 through June 22, 2003"--T.p. verso. (status)

The Harmony of Nature: The Art of Frank Vincent DuMond, by Jeffrey W. Andersen, Charles B. Ferguson, 1990 - 32 pages (status)

Harry L. Hoffman, 1871-1964: A World of Color, by Jeffrey W. Andersen, 1988. Exhibition held at the Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, Conn., Sept. 1-Nov. 27, 1988. (status)

Faces of Change: The Art of Ivan Olinsky, 1878-1962, by Hildegard Cummings, Jeffrey W. Andersen, 1995 - 32 pages. Issued in connection with an exhibition held at the William Benton Museum, Storrs, June 20-Aug. 22, 1995, and at the Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, Sept. 8... (status)


Dennis Anderson

Chrysler Museum: Three Hundred Years of American Art in the Chrysler Museum, 1976 (260 pages) Exhibition Catalogue. Dennis Anderson, Curator of American Art, Introduction, 15 pages [status]


Elizabeth Anderson

Depression Legacy: Nebraska's Post Office Art; article by Elizabeth Anderson (8/13/03)


Erin Anderson

Goodwin's Life: An Illustrated Adventure; essay by Erin Anderson (1/12/06)


Michael Anderson

"James Perry Wilson" American Art Review November-December 2000 (Volume XII, Number 6) (status) NI


Nancy K. Anderson

"Thomas A. Ayres and His Early Views of San Francisco: Five Newly Discovered Drawings" American Art Journal
( vol. 19, no. 3 ; 1987)

"Frederic Remington: The Color of Night" American Art Review March-April 2003 (Volume XV, Number 2) NI

Magazine Antiques "The John Wilmerding collection: a scholar's gift to the National Gallery of Art," Sept, 2004 by Nancy K. Anderson [Link found expired as of 11/7/11 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for your reference]

Susan M. Anderson

"California Progressives, 1910-1930" American Art Review November 96 NI

The American Scene: Regionalist Painters of California 1930-1960; essay by Susan M. Anderson (9/7/99)

Carioca: A Year Among the Natives of Rio de Janeiro, Work by Sandy Birk (10/15/99)

Dream and Perspective: American Scene Painting in Southern California, essay by by Susan M. Anderson (8/13/01)

Regionalism: The California View, essay by Susan M. Anderson (8/21/01)

"California Holiday: The. E. Gene Crain Collection" American Art Review May-June 2002 (Volume XIV, Number 3) NI

The Land of Sunshine; essay by William H. Gerdts, from the catalogue "Masters of Light: Plein-Air Painting in California 1890-1930" (10/8/03)

Leon Amyx: Painter of the Salinas Valley; Biography by Chet Amyx and Sandy Hunter, Catalogue Introduction by Susan M. Anderson (5/23/05)

Charles F. Keck (1913-2003): Paintings from the 1940s and 1950s; Biography by Sandy Hunter, Catalogue Introduction by Susan M. Anderson (5/23/05)

Modern Spirit: The Group of Eight & Los Angeles Art of the 1920s; essay by Susan M. Anderson (6/23/12)


Ann Avery Andres

Plein Air Painters Paint the Town of Santa Ana; article by Ann Avery Andres (6/18/97)

Pornography at Your Local Library (4/18/01)

Artwork Affixed to Buildings or Realty (12/21/00)

New Law Being Made on Use of Images on the Internet (3/2/00)

T'is the Season to be Giving (12/20/99)

California Legal Requirements When Selling "Multiples" (9/4/99)

The Artist's Right to Share in the Resale of Art (6/15/99)

Reproduction Rights for Fine Art (4/99)


Joan Archer

"The Life and Work of Lilian Westcott Hale" American Art Review March-April 1999 (Volume XI, Number 2) NI

"Women of Vision - A Century of Painting on Cape Cod" American Art Review March-April 2002 (Volume XIV, Number 2) (status)

Joan Archer and Amy Sublette Steeby

"The Lure of the West" American Art Review September-October 97 (status)


Philip R. Archer and Martha R. Severens

Wonder and Enlightenment: Artist-Naturalists in the Early American South; article by Philip R. Archer and Martha R. Severens (2/25/12)


Marjorie Arkelian

"William Hahn: German-American Painter of The California Scene" American Art Review August 1977 (Volume IV, Number 2) NI


Julie Armistead

Manuel Valencia: California's Native Son; essay by Julie Armistead (7/26/06)

Mary DeNeale Morgan, 1868-1948; essay by Julie Armistead (7/14/10)



Elizabeth Armstrong

Catherine Opie: Another America, essay by Elizabeth Armstrong (5/8/06)


Julia Armstrong-Totten

A Seed of Modernism: The Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-53; catalogue essays by Julia Armstrong-Totten, Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick, and Will South (3/4/08)


Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick and Julia Armstrong-Totten

"The Art Students Leaague of Los Angeles, 1906-1953" American Art Review, March-April 2008 (Volume XX, Number 2)

A Seed of Modernism: The Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-53; texts by Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick and Julia Armstrong-Totten (2/29/08)


Carin K. Arnborg

"Gustavus Hesselius's Letter in the Cederhielm Collection" American Art Journal ( vol. 21, no. 3; 1989)

"'with God's blessings on both land and sea': Gustavus Hesselius Describes the New World to the Old in a Letter from Philadelphia in 1714" (translated by Carin K. Arnborg) American Art Journal ( vol. 21, no. 3; 1989)


Julie Aronson

"Extraordinary Gifts from the Proctor & Gamble Company" American Art Review January-February 2003 (Volume XV, Number 1) NI

"Bessie Potter Vonnoh: Sculptor of Women" American Art Review, November-December 2008 (Volume XX, Number 6) NI


John Arthur

American Realism + Figurative Painting, Cline Fine Art Gallery, Santa Fe (status)


Renée Ater

"Making History: Meta Warrick Fuller's Ethiopia " American Art (Vol. 17, No. 3; Fall 2003)


D. Scott Atkinson

"San Diego in the Eye of the Artist, 1875-1940" American Art Review November-December 1999 (Volume XI, Number 6) (status)

Theodore Robinson: Pioneer of American Impressionism, by D. Scott Atkinson (4/19/01)

" Everett Gee Jackson/San Diego Modern" American Art Review November-December 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 6) NI


Tracy Atkinson

"Directions 2," Directions 2: Aspects of a New Realism, 1969, Milwaukee Art Center (status)

Directions 2: Aspects of a New Realism; essay by Tracy Atkinson (1/20/09)


James Auer

A Brush with History, essay segment by James Auer (9/29/01)


Michael Graham Auping

"Arshile Gorky, The Breakthrough Years" American Art Review December 95-January 96 NI

Philip Guston Retrospective (5/23/03)

"Philip Guston Retrospective" American Art Review July-August 2003 (Volume XV, Number 4) NI

Philip Guston (9/2/03)


Robert Austin

William Sergeant Kendall: American Master, by Robert Austin (5/10/01)


Kevin J. Avery

"The Heart of the Andes Exhibited: Frederic E. Church's Window on the Equatorial World" American Art Journal
( vol. 18, no. 1; 1986)

"Whaling Voyage Round the World: Russell and Purrington's Moving Panorama and Herman Melville's 'Mighty Book'" American Art Journal ( vol. 22, no. 1; 1990)

Movies for Manifest Destiny: The Moving Panorama Phenomenon in America, essay by Kevin J. Avery (9/20/01)

"Treasures from Olana: Landscapes by Frederic E. Church" American Art Review July-August 2005 (Volume XVII, Number 4) NI

Metropolitan Museum of Art's MetPublications, an online resource that offers in-depth access to the Museum's print and online publications, covering art, art history, archaeology, conservation, and collecting.includes the following titles available for.pdf download: Church's Great Picture: The Heart of the Andes; Avery, Kevin J. (1993); Art and the Empire City: New York, 1825-1861; Voorsanger, Catherine Hoover, and John K. Howat, eds., with essays by Dell Upton, Carrie Rebora Barratt, John K. Howat, Kevin J. Avery, Thayer Tolles, Morrison H. Heckscher, Elliot Bostwick Davis, Jeff L. Rosenheim, Caroline Rennolds Milbank, Amelia Peck, Catherine Hoover Voorsanger, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, and Deborah Dependahl Waters (2000); Hudson River School Visions: The Landscapes of Sanford R. Gifford; Avery, Kevin J., and Franklin Kelly, with Claire A. Conway, and essays by Heidi Applegate and Eleanor James Harvey (2003)


(above: Thomas Moran, A Showery Day, Grand Canyon,1919,  oil on canvas, 25 x 20 in. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


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