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Our website is among the world's most visited sites devoted solely to American art. For selected ranking and usage statistics totals please see 2004-2022 statistics. Most sessions relate to Resource Library content.


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Ours is a non-profit organization, acquired the contents of the website in 2003 from a for-profit company. See the Resource Library Overview page for more information. In order to preserve the links and browser "bookmarks" and "favorites" that had accumulated since the 1996 initiation of the website, we preserved the domain for continuity. Our hosting firm made the new .org domain reside under the old .com domain to provide desired results.



When seeking the ranking of our website, if you enter you may obtain a slightly lesser ranking than when entering "Advanced searches" using search engines operate under the same hierarchical principle. When you search under the domain in Google you will retrieve many relevant TFAO pages. When you conduct the identical search with the domain you will retrieve a different number of pages.

The monthly rankings of our website vary considerably throughout the year in a predictable pattern. Monthly variances are strongly influenced by seasonal student research activity at educational institutions worldwide.



Occasionally people ask how we market themselves. We:

rely almost exclusively on on word of mouth and incoming links,
have no advertising or public relations budget,
welcome volunteers to provide assistance at our volunteerism page,
may receive inbound traffic from hundreds of thousands of IP addresses per month -- many people access our from institutional computers serving multiple people (e.g. shared use terminals at colleges and libraries) rather than personal machines,
know of no way to accurately determine how many individuals use these jointly shared computers,
refer Resource Library readers to content sources through multiple pages in our website,
also provide direct links to individual pages within other websites -- for an estimate of the quantity of text and images in our website please see Content and paper-printed book equivalence.

Also please see our privacy policy.


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