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Taubman Museum of Art Audited 10/20/23 - next review 9/24

Telfair Museums  Audited 1/9/24 - next review 6/24 -- 4/15 looked back thru beginning

Tufts University Art Gallery Audited 10/20/23 - next review 7/24

Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Appalachian State University Audited 10/20/23 - next review 6/24


(above: Telfair Museum of Art. Photo © 2011, John Hazeltine)


(above: Entrance to Jepson Center. Photo: © 2017, John Hazeltine)


UCI Jack and Shanaz Institute and Museum of California Art Audited 10/20/23 - next review 6/24 - 2/15 looked back thru beginning; 9/18 sent letter requesting HCC members send rich content letters  -- 1/19 looked back from 2/15 thru 9/17

Ulrich Museum of Art Audited 10/20/23 - next review 7/24 - 5/15 looked back thru beginning

University Art Gallery, University of the South Audited 1/9/24 - next review 11/24 (audit when URLs in previous exhibits)

University of Maryland Art Gallery Audited 1/9/24 - next review 11/24

University of New Mexico Art Museum  Audited 3/29/24 - next review 6/24

University of Richmond Museums Audited 1/9/24 - next review 8/24  -- 2/15 looked back thru beginning; 8/18 looked back from previous check thru 12/16

Woodmere Art Museum  Audited 6/30/23 - next review 9/24 -- 5/15 looked back thru beginning; 8/18 looked back from previous check thru 12/16



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