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Grants for indoor exhibitions: post-inquiry information


After we receive and approve a letter of inquiry, we request the following materials be sent by email. Please include:

-- photographs of artworks to be included in the exhibition

-- targeted audience(s) including assurance that the exhibition is suitable for general audiences

-- number of artworks in the exhibition

-- estimate of onsite physical visitors

-- estimate of online viewers in the year starting with posting and ending a year later

-- choice of exhibit-related materials to be permanently archived in your website's "past exhibitions" section

-- opening and closing dates

-- criteria for success and plans for evaluating the project at completion

-- estimate of third party, out-of-pocket, costs including itemized costs of components contracted with outside vendors such as curation, brochure, gallery guide, catalog, etc.

-- amount of funds requested from us and their proposed use


We co-sponsor temporary exhibits which are preferably thematic, based on our topics of interest, or monographic, featuring American living and/or deceased artists. We do not provide grants for exhibits featuring students or electronic art.

In consideration of our co-sponsorship, "Traditional Fine Arts Organization" will be included on the exhibition's marketing and onsite/online informative materials.

In some cases, exhibits may be co-sponsored with the John and Barbara Hazeltine Charitable Fund.


Please send email to:


and a cc to

Please do not send .pdf or .zip files.


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