TFAO financial assistance for indoor exhibitions: post-inquiry information


After we receive and approve a letter of inquiry, we will request the following materials be sent by email.

-- narrative up to three pages. For indoor exhibitions, please include in the narrative which of the following exhibition elements will be permanently archived in the "past exhibitions" section of your website and at all times available to the public without charge:

Images of examples of exhibition artworks
Photograph(s) of artist(s) and/or curator and/or exhibition gallery
Video and/or audio recording(s) of: curator interview of artist(s) and/or curator lecture and/or curator gallery tour 
Video public service announcement clip 
Audio artwork explanatory clips
Artist(s) and/or curator biography
Matterport or other virtual tour (counts as two elements)*
Teacher guide
Press release
Media coverage
Wall text(s) 
Enhanced object labels
Illustrated or text-only checklist
Online brochure, catalogue or gallery guide in .pdf or flip book format
* Virtual tours must have hotspot photos of: (1) each wall panel with clearly legible text, (2) at least four selected artworks, (3) expanded object labels with clearly legible text accompanying selected artworks. An expanded object label contains interpretive text in addition to the artwork credit line. An artwork credit line typically includes the name of the artist, title, date of creation, medium, size, and location of the artwork,

In addition to the exhibit's narrative text, at least three of the above elements will be permanently archived without charge to online viewers. 

-- exhibition theme based on one of our topics

-- targeted audience(s) including assurance that the exhibition is suitable for general audiences

-- estimate of exhibition's onsite visitors and online viewers and rationale for above estimate 

-- timetable and work plan for implementation (with beginning and ending dates of project)

-- criteria for success and plans for evaluating the project at completion

-- estimate of third party costs including itemized costs of compnents contracted with outside vendors such as curation, brochure, gallery guide, catalog, etc.

-- amount of funds requested from us and their proposed use

-- projected exhibit-related merchandise revenue

In consideration of our co-sponsorship, "Traditional Fine Arts Organization" will be included on the exhibition's marketing and onsite/online informative materials.


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