Letter of inquiry concerning financial assistance



We seek to assist art museums, cultural centers and other organizations in furthering education in American representational art.

The first step in securing a grant is to submit a letter of inquiry by email to determine eligibility. The letter (maximum two pages) should include the following:

1. a brief description of the project and the benefits to be realized;
2. a rough estimate of the amount of financial support to be requested from us, and
3. links to Internal Revenue Service and state of incorporation non-profit status documentation (links to online agency files are acceptable) and financial statements/annual report for the most recently completed fiscal year if available (TFAO may waive this in some cases).

If the project is eligible for consideration, we will contact your organization within approximately two weeks for discussion of further steps leading to project funding.

Please also see TFAO strategy and preferences.


Please send email to:


Please do not send .pdf or .zip files.


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