American Art Review month and year: Spring 93

author(s): David M. Sokol (personal page)

title of American Art Review article: "Sidney Laufman (1891-1985)." 150-161.

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Also wrote for AAR:

"Government Support of the Arts: A Survey," American Art Review 1 (January-February, 1974): 81-86. - skip this article

If 600+ words: "The Art of John Quidor" American Art Review May-June 1974 (Volume I, Number 4) - modest info in Web and in RL so merits review of article for TFAO suitability standards. or catalog: John Quidor: Painter of American Legend. Wichita: Wichita Art Museum, 1973. 84p., 26 illus. Bibliog. p. 82-83. or alternate article: John Quidor, Literary Painter," The American Art Journal 2 (Spring, 1970): 60-73

On May 27 SHJ said Sidney Laufman abandoned.

On May 27 SHJ said John Quidor abandoned; Kennedy Galleries cannot determine ownership of AAJ articles and essays at this point and recommends contact with JSTOR. WAM essay not available beacuse images needed to accompany text, but permisions on images not available.

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I just wanted to let you know....I was at the library today and both of the essays in question are over 600 words. 

Here's a summary of the Sokol essay on John Quidor.  Let me know if you want me to pursue: 

exhibition at Wichita Art Museum

Assessment of style and place in the history of American collecting

life synopsis

analysis of how Quidor's paintings were collected and how that reflected on the overall collection of American art at the time (private and institutional)

a few paintings discussed in detail\ 



"The American Scene: American Painting of the 1930's Book Review" American Art Review March-April 1975 (Volume II, Number 2) - skip this article

"The Publishing World and American Art" American Art Review January-February 1976 (Volume III, Number 1) - skip this article


Also wrote:

"John Quidor and the Literary Sources for His Paintings." Antiques 102 (October, 1972): 675-679 . - skip this article as may go online

"Henry FewSmith and the Dusseldorf Academy." Antiques 104 (November, 1973): 867-871 - skip this article as may go online

"An Important Exhibition." Connoisseur 184 (November, 1973): 202-204. - skip this article

"The Terra Museum of American Art, Evanston, Illinois." Antiques 126 (November, 1984): 1156-1169.- skip this article as may go online

"American Art in the Maier Museum of Art." Antiques 136 (November, 1989): 1138-1147. - skip this article as may go online

"The Role of Women and the Influence of Universalist and Unitarian Feminist Thought on the Design of Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple." SECAC Review 12 (1992): 87-93. - skip this article

"Sidney Laufman's Early Success in France and at Home." Archives of American Art, Journal 32 (1992): 26-35. (Appeared 1994.) possible alternate to AAR article if AAR article not approvable

"The Founding of Artists Equity Association After World War II." Archives of American Art, Journal 39 (1999): 17-29. - skip this article

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