National Calendar of Art Exhibitions

with an emphasis on American representational art

at museums and other non-profit organizations



How TFAO uses the National Calendar of Art Exhibitions:


After a calendared exhibit has opened (or closed in some instances), TFAO reviews the source's posted information and decides whether or not to place a citation in an appropriate topic. Citations typically include a link to the exhibit, the starting year of the exhibit, a link to the source home page or Resource Library's source sub-index page*, a quote from the source's exhibit web page and an accessed date. In some instances, additional links are included such as artist sites and media articles.

*When Resource Library publishes over time more than one article concerning an institution, there is created as an additional resource for readers a sub-index page containing links to each Resource Library article or essay concerning that institution, plus available information on its location and other descriptive information.

In 2017 TFAO began posting its findings for each exhibit in the Calendar. Where applicable, links to individual Topics are noted underneath the exhibition opening and closing dates.


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