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Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (10/17/09)

Maier Museum of Art (5/7/00)

Maitland Art Center (1/23/04)

Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art (2/20/00)

Mariner's Museum (7/3/09)

Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum (1/16/08)

Maryhill Museum of Art (2/28/03)


(above: Maryhill Museum of Art, photo © 2006 John Hazeltine)


MASS MoCA (10/15/00)

Mattatuck Museum (7/19/03)

McKissick Museum (2/9/04)

McNay Art Museum (12/4/06)


(above: McNay Art Museum. Photo © 2005 by John Hazeltine)


Mead Art Museum (10/24/03)

Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University (12/12/07)

Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester (10/29/04)

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art (3/14/13)

Mennello Museum of American Art (7/17/09)

Metropolitan Museum of Art (7/5/16)


(above: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2022, photo by Christie Coupe)


Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum (1/20/00)

Miami Art Museum (12/3/07)

Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University (10/11/00)

Michelson Museum of Art (9/3/04)

Michener (James A.) Art Museum (4/14/16)

Michigan State University Museum (1/24/08)

Middlebury College Museum of Art (6/2/09)

Midwest Museum of American Art (6/14/00)

Milwaukee Art Museum (1/20/09)

Mingei International Museum (11/20/07)

Minnetrista (11/1/04)

Minneapolis Institute of Arts (3/9/09)

Minnesota Museum of American Art (2/20/03)

Mint Museum (5/15/12)

(above: Mint Museum UPTOWN, May, 2015. Photo © John Hazeltine)


Mission San Juan Capistrano (2/19/04)

Mississippi Museum of Art (12/20/00)

Missoula Art Museum (6/24/08)

Mitchell Art Gallery at St. John's College (4/4/05)

Mobile Museum of Art (2/23/07)

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (8/6/08)

Monhegan Museum (10/10/15)

Montclair Art Museum (12/15/15)

Monterey Museum of Art (3/18/16)

(above: Monterey Museum of Art's Civic Center building from the viewpoint of Friendly Plaza's broad lawn. Photo: John Hazeltine, February, 2013)


Monteserrat College of Art (11/30/04)

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (3/13/15)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (7/16/09)

Morgan Library and Museum (11/13/06)

Morris Museum of Art (2/27/14)

Muckenthaler Cultural Center (10/25/05)

Mulvane Art Museum (1/15/00)

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute (6/1/09)

Muscarelle Museum of Art / College of William and Mary (5/19/03)

Muscatine Art Center (1/22/05)


Museum, California Center for the Arts (6/14/00)

Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz (9/25/09)

Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale (4/26/11)

Museum of Arts and Design (12/11/08)

Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon (11/28/06)

Museum of Biblical Art (5/25/13)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (7/7/03)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver (5/24/00)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (11/21/05)

Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami (8/23/06)

Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago (3/24/05)

Museum of Contemporary Religious Art at St. Louis University (11/20/00)


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (6/24/08)

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (4/2/10)

Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe (12/21/05)

Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg (11/7/08)

Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield (2/3/07)

Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (4/22/08)

Museum of International Folk Art (11/3/05)


Museum of Nebraska Art (9/18/01)

Museum of Northern Arizona (12/18/14)

Museum of Northwest Art (1/15/04)

Museum of Photographic Arts (2/4/09)

Museum of Spanish Colonial Art (9/28/07)

Museum of the Southwest (4/27/01)

Museum of Texas Tech University (1/22/04)

Museum of Wisconsin Art (3/20/07)

Muskegon Museum of Art (12/13/07)

Mystic Arts Center (2/26/09)


Nabisco Gallery (3/10/00)

Naples Museum of Art (1/18/12)

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University (8/22/16)

Nassau County Museum of Art (11/17/11)


National Academy Museum (12/13/13)

National Civil Rights Museum (9/15/99)


National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (6/27/16)

National Gallery of Art (10/3/16)

National Museum of the American Indian (2/16/04)


(above: National Museum of the American Indian Washingon, D.C. Photo © 2014 John Hazeltine)


National Museum of Wildlife Art (6/7/16)


(above: National Museum of Wildlife Art, July, 2012. Photo by John Hazeltine)


National Museum of Women in the Arts (3/22/02)

National Scouting Museum (12/16/04)

National Steinbeck Center (8/18/98)


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (7/1/03)

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (6/7/16)

Nelson Museum of the West (2/1/99)

Neuberger Museum of Art (2/2/09)

Nevada Museum of Art (11/10/08)

Newark Museum (3/28/08)


New Bedford Art Museum (10/8/02)

New Britain Museum of American Art (3/18/15)

New Mexico History Museum (1/29/11)

New Mexico Museum of Art (12/21/05)

New Mexico State University Art Gallery, Williams Hall (11/10/99)


New Orleans Museum of Art (6/1/09)

New Rochelle Council on The Arts - Lumen Winter Gallery - New Rochelle Library (9/22/03)

Newport Art Museum (11/5/13)

New-York Historical Society (4/12/16)

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (5/13/00)

Norman Rockwell Museum (10/3/16)

North Carolina Museum of Art (3/15/04)

North Carolina Museum of History (1/19/01)

North Dakota Museum of Art (12/19/99)

Northern Arizona University Art Museum (1/12/16)

Norton Museum of Art (6/9/16)

Noyes Museum of Art (10/22/09)


(above: Ogunquit Museum of American Art, 2021. Photo © John Hazeltine)


Oakland Museum of California (11/1/07)

Oceanside Museum of Art (6/16/10)

Ogden Museum of Southern Art (7/10/03)

Oglethorpe University Museum (9/28/06)

Ogunquit Museum of American Art (8/4/07)

Oklahoma City Museum of Art (3/5/09)

Olaf Wieghorst Museum (3/14/00)

Old Jail Art Center (11/24/07)

Orange County Museum of Art (1/16/14)

Orlando Museum of Art (3/30/16)


Pacific Asia Museum (12/2/99)

Paine Art Center and Gardens (8/9/11)

PaineWebber Art Gallery (8/26/02)

Palmer Museum of Art (6/8/07)

Palm Springs Art Museum (5/14/10)

Palo Alto Art Center (3/13/03)

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum (5/31/12)

Parker Ranch Art Museum (2/4/00)

Parrish Art Museum (5/14/10)

Parthenon (10/9/08)

Pasadena Museum of California Art (11/13/15)

Pasadena Museum of History (5/22/07)


Peabody Essex Museum (11/1/07)

Peninsula Fine Arts Center (9/26/05)

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (8/1/08)

Pensacola Museum of Art (9/3/05)

Philadelphia Museum of Art (11/3/15)

Philbrook Museum of Art (5/4/04)

Phillips Collection (7/2/07)


Phippen Museum (5/28/09)

Phoenix Art Museum (11/20/07)

Plains Art Museum (7/23/03)

Plattsburgh State Art Museum (6/27/00)

Polk Museum of Art (7/9/09)

Pomona College Museum of Art / Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery at Scripps College (9/28/07)

Portland Art Museum - Oregon (11/6/07)

Portland Museum of Art - Maine (8/1/16)

Portsmouth Athenaeum (6/24/08)

Price Tower Arts Center (4/30/04)

Purdue University Galleries (10/10/00)


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