Visual Delights Along Santa Fe's Canyon Road

by John Hazeltine



In early May, 1977 John and Barbara Hazeltine visited artists, museum officials and art dealers throughout Northern New Mexico. While in Santa Fe, they were stricken with the beauty of Spring throughout the city. Along world-famous Canyon Road, home to several excellent art galleries, John and Barbara took note of the blooming trees, bright new foliage and other sign of the season. Clear and crisp days lent themselves to chronicling their walk along the road. The title for this photo essay was inspired by the variety and simple beauty of the designs and colors of the portals along the road, as well as the play of light and shadow brought about by the clear air and brilliant sun. We invite you to walk with John and Barbara along Canyon Road and enjoy their photographic essay.


Folio One: Doorways


Folio Two: Windows and Doors


Folio Three: Windows and Doors


Folio Four: Outdoor Portals and Gates


Folio Five: Outdoor Portals and Gates


Folio Six: Spring in Bloom


Folio Seven: Parting Thoughts and editor's notes with photos from subsequent years

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