National Museum of Wildlife Art

Jackson Hole, Wyoming



Poles Apart: The Arctic and Antarctic by Galen Rowell

August 6 - October 31, 1999

In the exhibition Poles Apart: The Arctic and Antarctic by Galen Rowell, audiences are invited to take an exhilarating visual tour to the polar regions of the earth. Renowned photographer Galen Rowell uses his camera to reveal the fascinating differences between the northern Arctic and southern Antarctic.

The harsh beauty of the polar regions has long captured the imagination of adventurers of every sort; explorers, scientists, world travelers, and those who are simply curious about these mysterious places. The forbidding terrain and exotic wildlife appeal to one's sense of wonder, and while many think the two poles are similar, the Arctic and Antarctic are vastly different. In his photographic exhibition Poles Apart, Galen Rowell highlights these contrasts, using side-by-side photographs to illustrate the differences. The group of approximately 40 images provide a good balance of landscapes, wildlife, and human habitation. Left: Galen Rowell, Untitled

In addition to highlighting contrasts between the two polar regions, Rowell also focuses on their essential spirit. The Arctic and Antarctic are more pristine than any other areas of the earth. Rowell shows how the two territories have become metaphors for the intangible elements that define the earth's wild places.

During his career, Rowell has made numerous journeys to the polar regions. To further deepen his understanding of the two areas, he received a grant from the National Science Foundation in 1992 to visit Antarctica and research Poles Apart.

Born in 1940, Galen Rowell has devoted his life to wilderness exploration, photography, and writing. His work has often appeared in National Geographic Magazine, Life, Climbing Magazine, and other major publications. A prolific author, other book titles include Galen Rowell's Vision: The Art of Adventure Photography (1993), and Mountain Light: In Search of Dynamic Landscape (1986).

In conjunction with the exhibition, Mr. Rowell will be at the National Museum of Wildlife Art on Tuesday, September 28 for a lecture and book signing. The lecture will begin at 7:00 p.m. Admission is FREE to members, $5.00 for non-members. Mr. Rowell may be reached in Emeryville, California at 510-601-9000, or via his website at

This exhibition has been generously supported by Elizabeth McCabe, Pioneer of Jackson Hole, and the Jackson Hole Guide.

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