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Farnsworth's Wyeth Center features new works of Andrew Wyeth, works of Jamie Wyeth and N.C Wyeth.


The Farnsworth Art Museum's Wyeth Center is exhibiting never-before-seen works of Andrew Wyeth, plus new shows of works of Jamie Wyeth and N.C. Wyeth. The exhibits will hang through June 16, 1999; the Wyeth Study Gallery, featuring works of Andrew Wyeth, will rotate shows every eight weeks in order to demonstrate the range of the artist's recent work.

In the Wyeth Study Center Gallery, see studies and paintings by Andrew Wyeth, including "Breezeway," a watercolor painted in 1998 and shown for the first time. Also see "Brown Hat," a 1961 study for "Distant Thunder," as is "Berry Picker," which was started during raspberry season and finished during blueberry season; thus the colors of the berries change in the studies. "Sleep," is another study for "Distant Thunder;" and "Bencher," is a 1998 watercolor on display for the first time.

"Tide's Out," shows the view from Fale's Store in Cushing, Maine at low tide. "Bird House," shown for the first time, is a 1997 tempera painting of a flock of seagulls around a pond. This is the only tempera that the artist actually extended around the edges of the panel. The viewer can see the beak of the largest seagull continued around the left edge of the painting. Another new work is "The Pond," a 1997 watercolor of the pond on Benner Island, where the artist has a summer home. A never-before-seen study in watercolor for the large tempera "Airborne", shows the artist's house and the pond on Benner Island. Also exhibited is "Fog," a painting of the artist's dog Nome.

In the Cowan Gallery, located in a renovated 19th-century church on the museum grounds, see works of Jamie Wyeth, including a study for "Ice Storm Maine" a study of two ravens on Southern Island in Tenants Harbor after the disastrous ice storm of last year. Also see studies for "Other Voices," "Southern Light," "Whale," "Phyllis," "Iris At Sea," "The Mainland," "Ravens in Winter," "Screen Door to the Sea," "Orca," "Orca Bates" and "The Islander," which is shown with the finished painting. Studies of wicker furniture and of the artist's home on Monhegan, perched on a precipice and built 90 years ago by painter Rockwell Kent, also are exhibited.

Exhibited in the foregallery of the N.C Wyeth Gallery, endowed by patron of the arts Linda Bean Folkers and located on the Wyeth Center's street level, are four of N. C.'s "easel paintings," not done for illustrative purposes. They are "Cannibal Shore," "Bright and Fair: Eight Bells," "Maine Headland (Black Head, Monhegan Island)" and "Fisherman's Family."

The interior gallery is filled with illustrations that span the artist's career and demonstrate the various styles in which he worked. These include, among many others, "The Blind Leading the Blind," "He Advanced Resolutely Toward the Carpenter," "King Edward," "Brigham, the Most Famous Buffalo Horse in the West," "A Night Herder," "Softly and Swiftly Chad's Fingers Worked" and "The Boy's King Arthur."

For further biographical information on selected artists cited above please see America's Distinguished Artists, a national registry of historic artists.

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