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Douglas Mason: Maya Quest

Color Photographs

October 11, 1999 - January 7, 2000


Photographer Douglas Mason and the Maya Quest expedition team traveled by mountain bike through remote sections of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, searching for the causes of the collapse of ninth century Mayan civilization. They were directed by children in the U.S. and around the world via the Internet, and the team sent back images, journals and video. The intense color photographs provide a window into the ancient civilization, the landscape and the indigenous people who befriended the team. (left: Mayaquest Team, Tikal, Guatemala © Douglas Mason)

from left to right: Palenque, Mexico; Leaf Cutter Ants; Todod Santos, Guatemala © Douglas Mason

Doug Mason teaches photography at Lehigh University. His work has been widely exhibited and published, most recently in 1996 for Maya Guest, The Interactive Expedition, with text by Dan Buettner. (Onion Press)

In an interview with the curator of the exhibition Mason said: "I use my camera as a learning tool. To see the world, figure out what I am looking at, and communicate to others (and myself) what I have learned, is my goal."

To see more images or find links to Maya Quest see Mason's website.

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