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William Wegman: Photographs, Paintings, Drawings and Video


The old expression "gone to the dogs" takes on a new meaning this summer at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau. Wisconsin. William Wegman: Photographs, Paintings, Drawings and Video can be enjoyed from June 6 to August 30, 1998.

Left: Golf Anyone, 1992, Polacolor ER photograph

Long known for photographing his Weimaraners, William Wegman is also a prolific artist in other visual mediums. William Wegman spans 25 years of the artist's career and is a retrospective showcase of talent in all areas. The versatility of his art is shown in more than sixty works, including oil paintings, ink and pencil sketches, color photographs, gelatin silver prints, and videos.

Dogs, however, have been the focus of Wegman's art since the early 1970s when he began using them as his primary photography subjects. Wegman poses his dogs in the studio, often times photographing them in costume or staged settings, completing the metamorphosis of dog into character. At turns humorous and enchanting, Wegman has transformed his ordinary pets into canine supermodels, recreating familiar nursery rhymes or playfully teasing the viewer with visions of Weimaraners with such objects as golf clubs or roller skates. The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, St. Joseph, Missouri, has organized this exhibition, which makes "going to the dogs" a treat, thanks to the imaginative art of William Wegman.

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