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Burchfield-Penney Art Center Opens Three New Burchfield Exhibitions


Charles Burchfield's Studio, permanent installation opens October 31, 1998

How Burchfield Painted, on view October 31, 1998 through March 21, 1999

My Mister Burchfield, on view October 31, 1998 through January 3, 1999



About Charles Burchfield's Studio:


This exhibition presents an authentic recreation of a corner of Burchfield's Gardenville, New York, studio and includes objects that have never before been publicly exhibited. The Center has been acquiring artifacts and memorabilia since 1971 in preparation for this exhibition. The vignette reflects the studio's appearance in the mid-1960s and reveals the humble environment in which the artist worked. Artifacts include many of the artmaking tools and supplies Burchfield used, his favorite inspirational objects, and the unpretentious furniture and plywood storage bins that equipped his comfortable work site.

Charles Burchfield's Studio, Gardenville, NY, Jan. 17, 1967, photos by William Doran

The newly created Studio Gallery is located near the Sisti Gallery, where Burchfield's artwork is always on display. Between the two galleries, in Gallery Five, an interpretive exhibition includes touchable objects and material to allow visitors to learn about the artist's painting techniques. The project began with a research and planning grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. A grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, provided with funds from the Tekla R. Groben Bequest and the Howard C. Laverack Bequest, provided support for the installation and interpretive materials.


About How Burchfield Painted:


This interpretive presentation of paintings, drawings, unfinished works, and artist's tools from Burchfield's studio illustrates the artist's unique watercolor painting techniques and complements the exhibition Charles Burchfield's Studio. The exhibition includes the recently acquired master watercolor Fireflies and Lightning, in which Burchfield experimented for the first time with masking small areas of the paper before applying pigment. Through an examination of artworks and archival materials, a greater understanding of the meticulous way that Burchfield composed and constructed his paintings is attainable.

Charles Burchfield painting in His Studio, 1966, (October Wind and Sunlight in the Woods)


About My Mister Burchfield:


Growing up next door to Charles Burchfield and his family in Gardenville, New York, Jackie Albarella was influenced in ways she did not realize until adulthood. An exhibition of Albarella's landscape photography that utilizes video projection and other contemporary technology reveals how she learned to appreciate the natural world through Burchfield's sensitivity. The artist also presents video interviews with Burchfield's friends and neighbors that extend the oral history compiled by the Center that investigates the artist's personality and actions.

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