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The New 20th Century Limited


"The New 20th Century Limited" by Leslie Ragan (1897-1972), part of the collection of the Albany Institute of History &.Art will be showcased as part of the United States Postal Service "Celebrate the Century" Stamp Series. The New 20th Century Limited" will be part of the 1930s set and is the only Albany connection in the whole series which spans from the 1900s to the 1990s.

Left: The New 20th Century Limited, Leslie Ragan, Chromo-lithograph on paper, 1938, Latham Lithography Co., Inc., Long Island City, NY, collection of the Albany Institute of History and Art, gift of the New York Central Railroad.

The series will be available in limited numbers at all postal locations starting on Thursday, September 10, 1998. "The New 20th Century Limited" by Leslie Ragan (1897-1972) is a chromo-lithograph on paper, c. 1938 and was a gift to the Albany Institute of History & Art in 1959 by the New York Central Railroad. Other stamps included in the 1930s series are: Walt Disney's Snow White Debuts, Superman Arrives 1938, Golden Gate Bridge, Jesse Owens, six World Records, America Survives the Depression, Bobby Jones Wins Grand Slam 1930, The Monopoly Craze, Empire State Building, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Lady Eleanor Rooseveit First Issue 1936 of Life Magazine, FDR's New Deal, Household Conveniences (Sunbeam Mixmaster), and 1936 Bestseller (Gone With the Wind).

"Celebrate the Century" is a new two-year stamp program sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service that will give the American public the chance to vote on the most notable events, people, places, and trends of the 20th Century, which wll then be featured on commemorative stamps. The Postal Service has selected the stamp subjects for the 1900s throughout the 1940s. The public, including kids, will vote to determine the subject matter for the 1950s through the 1990s. Celebrate the Century" began in February 1998 and will conclude in 2000.

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