Saint Mary's College Museum of Art


Hearst Art Gallery

Moraga, CA



Luis Gutierrez: Another Kind of Truth; essay by John Zarobell (10/12/14)

Grace Hudson: Painter of the Pomo People (11/13/14)

Superbly Independent: Early Western Landscapes by Annie Harmon, Mary DeNeale Morgan, and Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel (7/14/10)

Mary DeNeale Morgan, 1868-1948; essay by Julie Armistead (7/14/10)

Annie Lyle Harmon, 1855-1930; essay by Erika Esau (7/14/10)

Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, 1870-1954; essay by Jean Stern (7/14/10)

Ralph Borge: A Symbolic Realist and His Circle (1/16/10)

Bert Monroy, Master Artist Tribute VIII: A Digital Artist Paints With Light

Carl Sammons: Early California Impressionist; essay by Douglas S. McElwain (8/8/08)

You See: The Early Years of the UC Davis Art Faculty (3/8/08)

Town and Country: Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie; essay by Meredith Tromble (8/22/07)

Town and Country: Jessica Dunne and Louis LaBrie (4/11/07)

Manuel Valencia: California's Native Son; essay by Julie Armistead (7/26/06)

Manuel Valencia: California's Native Son (1856-1935) (7/10/06)

The Divine Comedy: Paradiso, Dante's Third Canticle by Sandow Birk (11/02/04)

Revelations and Reflections of Self-Taught Artists (7/28/04)

Water, Land and Sky: Rediscovering A. T. DeRome (4/2/04)

Winslow Homer - The Illustrator: His Wood Engravings 1857-1888 (11/18/03, rev. 12/19/03)

Unbounded Vistas: Artists Interpret the Northern California Landscape (4/24/03)

The Legacy of Brother Cornelius (2/28/03)

Early Artists of the Bohemian Club: San Francisco as the Center of West Coast Art (5/13/02)

North to Alaska (2/28/02)

William Wolff: Themes and Motifs; essay by Art Hazelwood (2/11/02)

Masquerade and Revelation: A William Wolff Retrospective (2/11/02)

Maurice Logan, Artist and Designer, essay by Marvin A. Schenck (7/26/01)

Bicoastal Artists of the 1870s; essay by Ann Harlow (7/21/01)

Point to Point: Landscape Paintings by Willard Dixon and Peter Loftus (3/11/00)

Hearst Art Gallery of Saint Mary's College Appoints Carrie Brewster as Director (9/26/99)

Stories Woven In: the Navajo Way of Seeing (9/9/99)

William Keith: California Awakening (6/3/99)

Early California Impressionists: The Ronald E. Walker Collection (6/97)


About the Saint Mary's College Museum of Art and Hearst Art Gallery

Since 1997 Resource Library has published articles and essays relating to exhibitions at Saint Mary's College's Hearst Art Gallery. In 2011 the College announced a new home for the Hearst Art Gallery and the William Keith Gallery with the establishment of the Saint Mary's College Museum of Art (SMCMoA). Exhibition space increased by fifty percent with the addition of two galleries complementing the Keith and Hearst galleries. The Hearst Art Gallery, which was founded in 1977 with a grant from the Hearst Foundation, remains a primary exhibition space for the museum.

Saint Mary's art collection began with a few Keith paintings in the early 20th century and by 2011 had expanded to nearly 4,500 works of art, including its comprehensive Keith collection; early ceramics; Roman coins; African; Asian and Oceanic ethnographic objects; religious statuary; Russian icons and modern California art.

Museum hours and admission fees are available on the Museum's website.

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