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Arizona Highways: Celebrating the Legacy -- Our Land, Our People


The year 2000 marks the 75th Anniversary of Arizona Highways. The Phippen Museum in Prescott is proud to present this blockbuster photography exhibit "Our Land, Our People" on Saturday, April 29, 2000 - July 16, 2000 to celebrate this important milestone and salute Arizona Highways magazine. This exhibit will feature 75 photo enlargements - some as large as 4 x 8 feet - that will surround and envelop you in the majestic landscapes, ancient cultures, and fascinating people that make Arizona unique in the world. You won't just see sites; you'll experience them through the eyes of the world's best photographers. Photographers include such notables as Bob and Suzanne Clement, Jerry Jacka, David Muench, and Jack Dykinga.

Arizona Highways magazine, a name synonymous with breathtaking landscape photography, was established seventy-five years ago with a travelog in each issue. Then editor Raymond Carlson, in the mid 1940's added four-color photos to the inside pages of his modest publication. The rest is history. Photographers like Josef Muench, Ray Manley, Esther Henderson, Ansel Adams, and many others led the charge. The magazine's editorial support of these photographers and their work created a genre of photography whose vision of the life and landscape of Arizona remains vibrant and alive today.

A companion exhibit entitled, "A Backward Glance at the Illustrators of Arizona Highways" will run concurrently in the Museum's Community Cultural Center and will feature the work of 40 prominent artists whose works have appeared in the magazine during the past 75 years. In addition to staff artists employed by the magazine, editors have included illustrations and art work by some of America's leading artists over the years. "Cockfight," an oil by Ted DeGrazia and commissioned by Raymond Carlson, the first editor of the magazine, will be included, as well as drawings and paintings by such luminaries as Duane Bryers, Bill Ahrendt, Roy Andersen, Ken Riley, Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert McCall, Frank McCarthy, and Olaf Wieghorst. More than 200 past issues of Arizona Highways Magazine will be available for visitors to browse through and enjoy the breathtaking photography and art work.


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