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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

The Mississippi Art Colony Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition (12/24/98)

Posessed by Furies (12/19/98)

Our Nation's Colors: A Celebration of American Painting -- Selections from the Wichita Art Museum (11/20/98)

Art Healing and Friendship: The Doctor Albert Grokoest Collection (11/5/98)

The Latino Spirit: Hispanic Icons and Images (10/27/98)

Old Master Dialogues: Paintings, Watercolors, and Drawings hy Melville Holmes (9/21/98)

Production Pop: Prints, Posters, Books, and Multiples from Indiana University Collections (9/16/98)

Powerful Images: Portrayals of Native America (9/1/98)

Bernhard Gutmann (8/20/98)

Children of the Yellow Kid: The Evolution of the American Comic Strip (8/20/98)

Another Look at the Paintings of Pieter van Veen (8/11/98)

Benny Alba, Astrid Preston and Sharon Hildebrand Paintings at Saginaw (7/28/98)

Robert Berlind: Paintings (1892 - 1996) (7/21/98)

Our Nation's Colors: A Celebration of American Painting - Selections from the Wichita Art Museum (7/11/98)

Arthur Dove: A Retrospective Exhibition

Heroic Painting (5/18/98)

The Walter O. Evans Collection of African-American Art (5/18/98)

Woman - the Artists' View

Richard Whitten: Invisible Cities (9/19/97)

Masterworks Come to KMA (1/29/98)

The Art of Enchantment: Children's Book Illustrators

Friendly Persuasions: Folk Art from the Collection of The Chase Manhattan Bank

Visual History of the Art of Fly Fishing

Animal as Muse (4/14/98)

The Frigon Collection: American Images from the Turn of the Century)

Impressionist and Modern Works on Paper (1/4/98)

Seattle Collects Paintings: Works from Private Collections

Charles Santore Children's Illustrations (9/11/97)

Heroic Painting (4/26/98)

Toward an American Identity: Selections from the Wichita Art Museum

Sentimental Journey: Images of the Home in Mind and Heart

Vintage Delights: Paintings & Bronzes from the Mason-Scharfestein Collection

Fair and Free: Images of Childhood, 1824-1992 (11/21/97)

The Artist's Eye Offers New Insights on the Critical Eye of the Artist


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