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Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TAFO), a non-commercial, non-profit organization, is publisher of tfaoi.org, the world's most valued and visited site devoted to American representational art All tfaoi.org content is either copyrighted by TFAO or published via license from third party sources (see Submitting materials). All URLs selected for external links will be pages within the tfaoi.org website.

UpWork Contractors who are passionate about freely educating people worldwide about American art are invited to submit project offers. This project is being funded and administered by a TFAO volunteer via UpWork.

The project has a possible value of up to ($.63 x 20 = $12.60) + (80 x $.63 = $50.40) + ( 300 X .45 = $135) = for a total of $198. $.63 = 63 cents, etc. It is NOT ABOUT creation of NEW Wikipedia pages.  It is about EDITS of EXISTING pages.


Project steps:

1. TFAO will select a list of 400 designated artist names from the Alphabetical index of artist names

2. TFAO will send to (name of Contractor) sets of names from the 400 total names for Contractor to process in Project phases (see below). Each set of artist names is a phase.

3. After processing each phase's set of names, TFAO will pay Contractor for new external links posted to Wikipedia articles for artists that match artists' names sent by TFAO for that phase.  

4. For each processed set of names in a phase, TFAO and Contractor will both evaluate Project progress and either party may end the Project at that point or continue it to the next phase's set of names.


Contractor's processing work steps for each Project phase:

1. For each set of names in a phase sent by TFAO, Contractor will process each TFAO-designated artist name -- subject to the phase schedule below -- to see if the name matches a Wikipedia article dedicated solely to the same artist. TFAO estimates that for every TFAO listed artist, about 1/4 will have Wikipedia matches.

2. If there is no match, Contractor will move on to the next name to see if there is a match.

3. If there is a name match, the contractor will post the tfaoi.org artist URL to the corresponding Wikipedia article as an external link -- but only if NO LINK to a tfaoi.org or tfaoi.com page is ALREADY cited anywhere in the corresponding Wikipedia article about the artist. TFAO estimates that there are very few Wikipedia articles with existing outbound tfaoi.org references or external links.

4. Contractor sends to TFAO the name of each new external link posted in the phase and the amount of USD funds payable to Contractor for the total of new external links for that completed phase.


Project phase milestones:

Phase 1: For the completed Contractor work steps (see above) for the list of 20 TFAO-designated names processed by Contractor in the phase, Contractor and TFAO evaluate the Project for efficiency and practicality. This is a "proof of concept" phase. TFAO will pay Contractor at the rate of $.63USD for each posting of an external link. (1)

Phase 2. If the parties agree that the Project process is working well (1), TFAO will send another 80 names for Contractor's processing. TFAO will pay Contractor at the rate of $.63USD for each posting of an external link.

Phase 3. TFAO and Contractor will wait 60 days after completion of phase 2 to confirm Wikipedia acceptance of new external links.(1)

Phase 4. If the parties agree that the Project process is working well, TFAO will send another 300 names for Contractor's processing. TFAO will pay Contractor at the rate of $.45USD for each posting of an external link.



Note 1:  See TFAO page_____ for Note 1

Note (1) TFAO found no Wikipedia policy that should cause new external links to be subject to reversion.  However, some Wikipedia administrators may think some tfaoi.org external links educationally insufficient in their judgment and/or TFAO is unacceptable as a source. There is no way to know the extent of this risk in advance of the project. That is why review of phase 1 and 2 links is advisable.

A reason why TFAO will pay $.63 per external link posted for the first 20 and 80 links vs. $.45 for phase 4 links is that TFAO and Contractor after completion of both phases one and two will review the TFAO content referenced in the new external links in consideration of both the following Wikipedia  and TFAO policy leading to a decision on whether to proceed to phase 4 of the project.See Wikipedia and TFAO policies below:

Wikipedia says: "Except for a link to an official page of the article's subject, one should generally avoid providing external links to: Any site that does not provide a unique resource beyond what the article would contain if it became a featured article." and "Peer-reviewed industry journals can be used where appropriate. This policy is scrupulously enforced." and "As an extension of the previous item, information can only be included in Wikipedia if it has been published in reliable sources. Research that has not gone through the peer-review process of academic and scholarly journals should not be cited in the encyclopedia."

Relevant TFAO policies are here and here.


Note 2

 If TFAO and Contractor agree that the Project has gone well to that point, TFAO may ask Contractor to process up to an additional 3,000 names in future phases at the rate of $.35USD per external link posting.


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