Frye Art Museum

photo by Jill Berarducci

Seattle, WA



Ties That Bind: American Artists in Europe (8/13/12)

Transatlantic: American Artists in Germany (2/13/09)

William Cumming: The Image of Consequence (8/30/05)

The Paintings of Pieter J. L. van Veen; essay by Allan J. Kollar (8/10/05)

Teng Hiok Chiu's Artistic Journey: West to East; essay by Debra J. Byrne (5/28/03)

One World, One Vision: The Photographs of Art Wolfe (4/22/03)


Painting on the Edge: The Art of William Beckman (8/2/02)

The Perception of Appearance; essay by Norman Lundin (5/25/02)

The Perception of Appearance: A Decade of Contemporary American Figure Drawing (5/22/02)

The Urbane Cityscapes of Frederick Brosen (2/1/02)


The Frye Art Museum Celebrates Fifty Years (12/27/01)

The Russian Connection (11/12/01)

Gary Faigin: Traditions & Contradictions (6/27/01)

Hollywood Celebrity: Edward Steichen's Vanity Fair Portraits (5/31/01)

Scenes of American Life: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum (4/15/01)

Heightened Realities: The Monotypes of Ruth Weisberg (3/21/01)

Doug Safranek: City Illuminations (3/10/01)

Allan Rohan Crite: Artist - Reporter of African-American Community (2/13/01)


Representing LA, Pictorial Currents in Contemporary Southern California Art (11/5/00)

Robert Van Vranken: Silent Paintings (11/4/00)

Representing LA (8/28/00)

Robert Van Vranken: Silent Paintings (8/28/00)

Shelley Jordon: Revealing Beauty (8/26/00)

The Drawings and Etchings of Helen Loggie (8/9/00)

Winold Reiss: Native American Portraits (7/18/00)

Visions of Antarctica: Large landscapes by David Rosenthal (5/27/00)

Graham Nickson: Dual Natures (4/13/00)

Northwest Watercolor Society Celebrates Sixty Years: A Retrospective Exhibition in Seattle (4/13/00)

On the Road with Thomas Hart Benton (3/20/00)

Lisa Zwerling: Primitive Lives (2/21/00)

This Tranquil Land: Hudson River Paintings from the Hersen Collection (1/14/00)


Jan Swihart: A Place Apart (11/4/99)

Rie Muñoz: 100 Recent Alaskan Watercolors (9/17/99)

Kristin Capp: Hutterite Photographs (8/21/99)

Norman Lundin to Exhibit at Frye Museum (8/11/99)

Thomas William Jones: Three Decades of Watercolor (6/10/99)

John Register: A Retrospective (6/8/99)

A Visual Reflection: Photographs by Richard Buswell (5/29/99)

Earthscape: Artists in Alaska's Copper River Delta (5/29/99)

The Frye Art Museum Celebrates Contemporary and Historical Women Artists (3/17/99)

Carol Anthony: A Place of Inner Stillness (3/7/99)

The Mysterious Enchantment of Beauty: the Art of Carlo Maria Mariani (3/7/99)

Steven Assael A Decade of Painting and Drawing (2/14/99)

Carol Mothner: Monotypes of Birds' Nests and Flowers (1/29/99)

Robert Henri and His Circle: Selections from the Permanent Collection (1/17/99)

William Keith, California's Poet-Painter (1/1/99)


Old Master Dialogues: Paintings, Watercolors, and Drawings hy Melville Holmes (9/21/98)

The Art of Western Artist Charles M. Russell (9/21/98)- Amended 11/7/98

Children of the Yellow Kid: The Evolution of the American Comic Strip (8/20/98)

Another Look at the Paintings of Pieter van Veen (8/11/98)

Stan Washburn: Museum Images and A Moral Alphabet of Vice and Folly (8/2/98)

Children of the Yellow Kid (8/2/98)

Spirits, Wolves, and Metaphors An Exhibition of Paintings by Elisse Pogofsky-Harris (5/4/98)

Director's Choice: American and European Masters from the Museum Collections (5/1/98)


The Art of Contemporary Realist George Fischer (9/19/97)

THE LURE OF ALASKA: Paintings, Watercolors, and Graphics from the Permanent Collections (9/19/97)

Richard Whitten: Invisible Cities (9/19/97)

Contemporary American Marine Art (7/97)

American Masters from the Frye Art Museum's Permanent Collection (7/97)



The Frye Art Museum is located at 704 Terry Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98104. See the museum's website for hours and fees.

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