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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:


Singular Voices/Voices of Many: Photographs from the Sixties by James Hinton (12/31/99)

The Shape of Content: The Stephen Lee Taller Ben Shahn Archive at Harvard (12/29/99)

Ben Shahn's New York: The Photography of Modern Times (12/29/99)

Man Ray's Électricité (12/24/99)

Shadowy Evidence: The Photography of Edward S. Curtis and His Contemporaries (12/23/99)

Anna Tomczak and Rebecca Sexton Larson: Manipulated Photography Exhibit at the Pensacola Museum of Art (12/22/99)

Arizona Highways: Celebrating the Tradition (12/7/99)

Encounters: James Ware Pitts (12/5/99)

RASJr25: Robert A. Schaefer, Jr. -- 25 Years of Photography (12/5/99)

Clara Brian: Home Bureau Photographs 1918-1926 (12/3/99)

In Praise of Nature: Ansel Adams and Photographers of the American West (12/3/99)

Philipe Halsman: A Retrospective (11/29/99)

Ansel Adams Photographs (11/22/99)

The Colors of Kent: Photographs by Kevin Fleming (11/12/99)

Gerrit Engel: Buffalo Grain Elevators (11/10/99)

By the Grace of Light: Images of Faith from Catholic New Mexico (11/6/99)

Susan Fenton: Hand-Colored Photographs (11/5/99)

American Modernism from the Stieglitz Group (11/4/99)

Douglas Mason: Maya Quest (10/24/99)

Kenneth Josephson: A Retrospective (10/18/99)

Half Past Autumn: The Art of Gordon Parks (10/14/99)

Home: Photographs by Richard Colburn (10/14/99)

Bearing Witness (10/7/99)

Strong Hearts: Native American Visions and Voices (10/6/99)

Americanos: Latino Life in the United States (10/5/99)

Alvin Langdon Coburn: Photographs 1900 - 1924 (9/26/99)

William Eggleston and the Color Tradition (9/25/99)

Back to the Ranch: Photographs of the Diminishing East Bay Cattle Industry (9/24/99)

Ralph Russell Doubleday: Rodeo's First Professional Photographer (9/24/99)

Edward Weston and Modernism (9/23/99)

Short Distances and Definite Places: The Photographs of William Gedney (9/22/99)

"Animal Artifice" On View At The Hudson River Museum (9/20/99)

Brett Weston in New York (9/17/99)

Varian Fry -- Assignment Rescue, 1940-1941 (9/9/99)

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue (9/9/99)

Kristin Capp: Hutterite Photographs (8/21/99)

Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era (8/9/99)

Coney Island to Caumsett: The Photographic Journey of N. Jay Jaffee, 1947-1997 (8/3/99)

Modotti and Weston: Mexicanidad (8/2/99)

Unbroken Spirit: The Wild Horse in the American Landscape (7/17/99)

Photographs of America's Baseball Stadiums (7/13/99)

Selections from Camera Work, 1903 - 1911 (7/6/99)

Photographs and Prints by Women from the DIA's Collection (7/6/99)

Portraits of Seiji Ozawa & Other Photographs by Lincoln Russell (7/6/99)

Nadar/Warhol: Paris/New York (7/3/99)

William Wegman: Drawing, Video, Painting, Photography (6/17/99)

Summer 1999 Exhibitions from the Anchorage Museum of History and Art Collection (6/15/99)

Michael Johnson Photographs (6/14/99)

Carleton Watkins: The Art of Perception at SFMOMA (6/10/99)

Photographic Tableaux: Tina Barney's Family Album (6/6/99)

Industrial Pennsylvania (6/6/99)

Forever in Search: Urban Street Photography in the Twentieth Century (6/3/99)

A Visual Reflection: Photographs by Richard Buswell (5/29/99)

Edward Weston, Photography and Modernism (5/15/99)

Peter Sekaer: American Pictures (5/13/99)

Center for Native American Art at Portland Art Museum (5/13/99)

"Today's Israelis - A Country In Transition," a photo documentary by Bruce Bennett (5/12/99)

After the Photo-Secession: American Pictoral Photography, 1910-1955 (5/12/99)

The Last Country, Photographs from a Community-based Project by Dona Ann McAdams (5/4/99)

Larry Clark: Tulsa at Everson Museum of Art (4/10/99)

Poles Apart: The Arctic and Antarctic by Galen Rowell (4/10/99)

The Passionate Observer: Photographs by Carl Van Vechten (3/29/99)

Harwood Museum presents Four Photographers (3/29/99)

Imperiled Landscapes - Endangered Legends: Photographs by Lynn Hyman Butler (3/20/99)

Paul Outerbridge Photograph Acquired by Laguna Art Museum (3/12/99)

Clyde Butcher, Wilderness Photographer, at Orlando Museum of Art (3/10/99)

Man Ray's Paris Portraits -- 1921-1939 (3/10/99)

Icons of the Twentieth Century: Portraits by Yousuf Karsh (3/3/99)

Feature: Jim Talbot (2/27/99)

Tucson Photographers in the TMA Collection (2/25/99)

By the Grace of Light: Images of Faith from Catholic New Mexico (2/25/99)

Still Time: Photographs by Sally Mann (2/23/99)

Kurt Weiser: Potter and Painter (2/23/99)

Gus Foster: Breathtaking Views (2/22/99)

Closing: The Life and Death of an American Factory (2/11/99)

Masterworks of the Photography Collection: Land of Plenty, Land of Contrast (2/3/99)

Pole to Pole: The Arctic and Antarctic (2/1/99)

Mood Poems: Selected Photographs by Kosti Ruohomaa, 1939-1960 (1/29/99)

Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective (1/15/99)

Mapping the West: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photographs from the Boston Public Library (1/12/99)

Fritz Kaeser: A Life in Photography (1/12/99)

Photographs, Pictures and Sculptures at Georgia O'Keeffe Museum (1/11/99)

Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe & American Modernism (1/3/99)



Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era (12/23/98)

Photographic Tableaux: Tina Barney's Family Album (12/19/98)

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Photographs by Walker Evans (12/19/98)

Fresh Visions: Rudy Loupias (12/17/98)

Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz (12/15/98)

Recent Work: Carrie Mae Weems, 1992-1998 (12/14/98)

Capturing Poseidon: Photographic Encounters with the Sea (12/9/98)

San Francisco's Old Chinatown: Photographs by Arnold Genthe (11/19/98)

Pueblo People: Ancient Traditions, Modern Lives (11/17/98)

Moments In Time: Master Photographs from the Currier (11/6/98)

Mostly Prague: Photographs by Anna Tomczak (10/28/98)

Natural Lighting: Landscape Photographs by Melville McLean (10/7/98)

Eyeing America: Robert Cottingham Prints 9/23/98)

Arnold Genthe: The Greek Series (9/22/98)

Imagining the Open Range: Erwin E. Smith, Cowboy Photographer (9/16/98)

Newman's Gift: 50 years of Photography (9/2/98)

Georgia O'Keeffe: The Artist's Landscape, Photographs by Todd Webb (8/22/98)

The Soul of the Horse (8/20/98)

Seeing the Unseen: Dr. Harold E. Edgerton and the Wonders of Strobe Alley (8/8/98)

Cuba, 1930-1958: Photographs by Dr. Roberto Machado (8/8/98)

William Wegman: Photographs, Paintings, Drawings and Video (6/7/98)

Qualities of Light: Photographs from the Permanent Collection (5/18/98)

Expanded Visions: The Panoramic Photograph

Sandy Skoglund: Reality Under Seige (5/18/98)

Costa Manos: American Color (5/18/98)

The Search to See: The Collection and Photographs of Frederick B. Scheel (1/12/98)

Hallowed Ground, Preserving America's Heritage (1/31/98)



Portals: Visual Delights Along Santa Fe's Canyon Road (5/97)

Northern New Mexico Diary (5/97)


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